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43 check-ins related to "sod"

Add function sod-payload-rotate-log-file-create. Leaf check-in: 64037114b1 user: sebyte tags: sod
Rename function sod-user-process-tree sod-process-tree, bind it to ‘t’ rather than ‘u’ and reinstate its function definition (using a different implementation). check-in: d255efd79a user: sebyte tags: sod
Tweak the docstring of user-customisable special variable sod-sod-directory. check-in: 3d05309453 user: sebyte tags: sod
By default, a sod started at boot time, e.g. using cron, will write its server socket file under directory /tmp/emacs$(id -u)/ and a sod started manually, i.e. by a user, will write it under directory $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/emacs/. (See the definition of variable server-socket-dir for details). We could configure the DoS, as well as manually started sods, to write their server socket files under directory /tmp/emacs$(id -u)/ too, but the changes in this commit implement a different approach; we identify sods by an absolute server socket file name, rather than just by server name, thus making the value of sever-socket-dir irrelevant. In sod-mode.el, modify function sod-sodclients-pidlist; alter pattern passed to sod-pgrep-pilist. Modify function sod-sodclients; discard the socket directory to glean the names of engaged sods. Add function sod-server-socket accepting a sod name and returning an absolute server socket file name. Employ sod-server-socket in sod-sod-do, sod-engage-and-select-window and in sod-clobber-dot-files-create. In sod-dot-sod.el, rename special sod-dos-name sod-dos-server-socket. check-in: e431c18b58 user: sebyte tags: sod
Add a TODO item to file commentary. check-in: ed1a26e869 user: sebyte tags: sod
Remove superflous format argument. check-in: 61d36d0f50 user: sebyte tags: sod
Divide the defvars in sod-dot-sod.el into sections ‘internal’ and ‘for use in definition files’, and update the content of the stock sod defintion file. check-in: 9f4a6c8e25 user: sebyte tags: sod
Restructure code layout. Move ‘actions’, e.g. reading the dos file and loading any user init, towards the end of the file. Reanme functions sod-payload-start-process-with-size-limited-output-buffer sod-payload-start-process-with-plain-output-buffer and sod-payload-start-process-with-size-limited-logtail-buffer sod-payload-start-process-with-logtail-output-buffer. check-in: 133a903dea user: sebyte tags: sod
Add utility function sod-payload-start-process-with-comint-output-buffer. check-in: dbe34def5c user: sebyte tags: sod
Add function sod-payload-start-process-with-size-limited-logtail-buffer. Alter sod-payload-start-process-with-size-limited-output-buffer; ensure sod-payload-process-default-directory exists. Alter function sod-payload-tail-log-file-in-output-buffer; bind default-directory to log file directory. check-in: 630fdd4916 user: sebyte tags: sod
Eval sod-payload-before-process-start-forms immediately before starting the process, i.e. with sod-payload-output-buffer current and with sod-payload-process-default-directory bound. check-in: 7f9b9cf51f user: sebyte tags: sod
Add special variables sod-payload-before-process-start-forms & sod-payload-after-process-start-forms and employ both in function sod-payload-start-process-with-size-limited-output-buffer (renamed from sod-start-payload-with-size-limited-output-buffer). Add function sod-payload-rotate-conf-file and base it on reworked function sod-payload-rotate-log-file, which now accepts optional argument ‘no-error’. check-in: f8f8206ade user: sebyte tags: sod
Add specials sod-payload-process-default-directory, sod-payload-sentinel, sod-payload-shutdown-sentinel, sod-payload-restart-sentinel, sod-payload-output-buffer-erase-at-payload-start-p, sod-payload-output-buffer-max-lines & sod-payload-start-at-sod-start-time-p. Add utility function sod-start-payload-with-size-limited-output-buffer. When required, start the payload at sod start time. check-in: 65cda641f2 user: sebyte tags: sod
Discard unnecessary special variable sod-payload-sentinel. check-in: fa2306ab86 user: sebyte tags: sod
Add two special variables; sod-payload-{log|conf}-file. Add three utils; sod-payload-tail-log-file-in-output-buffer, sod-payload-rotate-log-file & sod-payload-write-conf-file. check-in: 8c8624f9a3 user: sebyte tags: sod
In sod-dot-sod.el, document funtion sod-payload-output-buffer-size-limiting-filter and add interactive command ‘start’. Adapt sod-default-payload-sentinel accordingly. In sod-mode.el, adapt sod-payload-start accordingly, i.e. greatly simplify it, and update sod-write-stock-definition-file. In example/hello-world.el, remove redundant ‘start’ function definition, employ get-buffer-create when binding sod-payload-output-buffer and tweak payload-start accordingly. Improve commentary in all three files. check-in: 63528fa1ba user: sebyte tags: sod
Add utility function sod-payload-output-buffer-size-limiting-filter to sod-dot-sod.el and employ in example/hello-world.el, rendering function payload-output-filter redundant. Tweak commentary. check-in: 26aa07fc19 user: sebyte tags: sod
Adhere to namespace policy; sod-* for pre-defined symbols and payload-* for user-defined symbols. Move the body of interactive command start into non-interactive function payload-start. Improve commentary. check-in: a06e77328e user: sebyte tags: sod
Alter function sod-payload-start; try payload-start first and, failing that, start. Call user-error if neither function is defined. Employ variable this-command in sod-payload-{stop|status|restart}. check-in: e28a8440a1 user: sebyte tags: sod
Change default value of sod-payload-stop-signal to 'term. Move the body of command stop into non-interactive function sod-payload-stop. Do the same for commands status & restart. Alter function sod-default-payload-restart-sentinel; try calling payload-start first and, failing that, start. Call user-error rather than sod-message if neither function is defined. check-in: b9cbdbf0c6 user: sebyte tags: sod
Discard special variable sod-defined-sods and functions sod-register-definition-files & sod-set-default-directory. (Each was unnecessary and non-functional in style, updating the value of a special variables as a side effect). Ensure sod directory exists in mode call. check-in: 0bb9e27b44 user: sebyte tags: sod
Fix incorrectly quoted symbol in function #'stop and replace multiple apostrophes (#x27) with right single quotation marks (#x2019). check-in: 8bd45790d7 user: sebyte tags: sod
Discard command definitions (stop, status & restart) now pre-defined in all sods. Update file commentary and add inline commentary. check-in: 0c77e48f40 user: sebyte tags: sod
Update file commentary and text of function sod-write-stock-definition-file. check-in: f60233d77e user: sebyte tags: sod
Add commands stop, status & restart. Bind special variables sod-payload-process, sod-payload-output-buffer, sod-payload-sentinel, sod-payload-stop-signal, sod-payload-restart-sentinel & sod-payload-shutdown-sentinel. Rename function sod-shutdown-sentinel sod-default-payload-shutdown-sentinel. Add function sod-default-payload-restart-sentinel. Replace calls to #'boundp with calls to #'processp. Update file commentary. check-in: e39cc6ab3a user: sebyte tags: sod
Add ‘hello-world’ example definition file. check-in: c4c7640b07 user: sebyte tags: sod
Update text written by function sod-write-stock-definition-file. check-in: 04bc0f7926 user: sebyte tags: sod
Add and employ special variable sod-definition-file. Discard use of (when load-in-progress …) degguging aids. check-in: a13f8eba1b user: sebyte tags: sod
Discard special variable sod-defined-sods and add function sod-register-definition-files. Employ sod-register-definition-files in place of form (setq sod-defined-sods …). Additionally, employ after writing a stock defintion file. Discard advice given to tabulated-list-print. check-in: 0dea4ed565 user: sebyte tags: sod
Bind local variable no-update-autoloads to true in sod-dot-sod.el. Not doing so has surprising repercussions for completion (in the dos). check-in: 3758467358 user: sebyte tags: sod
Define sod-buffer-name, sod-screen-password-protected-p, sod-screen-min-window-number & sod-buffer-revert-delay as user-customisable variables using #'defcustom. Change default value of sod-buffer-revert-delay from milliseconds (500) to seconds (1). Change default value of sod-screen-min-window-number from 2 to 0. Update text written by sod-write-stock-definition-file. check-in: 7b5432b276 user: sebyte tags: sod
Add function sod-shutdown-sentinel and employ it in sod-shutdown-bdo. Alter function sod-message; ignore any error attempting to send the message to the dos. check-in: 1c1328ed01 user: sebyte tags: sod
Fix typo. check-in: c6936420e8 user: sebyte tags: sod
Handle errors in sod-dos-do’s callers, not in sod-dos-do itself. Do so in such a way that ensures the desired action is carried out when the dos can't be reached. check-in: ed6bc02634 user: sebyte tags: sod
In sod-dot-sod.el, set sod-dos-name using read (rather than read-from-string). Also, alter sod-shutdown-bdo; check this-command before either calling kill-emacs or save-buffers-kill-emacs. In sod-mode.el, tweak the file commentary of the stock definition file and handle error-at-server errors(†) in sod-sod-do. † error-at-server errors are only thrown by a patched server.el, i.e. they are not part of Emacs, yet. check-in: f73d2317e0 user: sebyte tags: sod
Add commands sod-payload-{start|stop|status|restart} each of which employ new function sod-payload-do. Employ skip-chars-forward in sod-move-column-forward. Add function sod-move-to-sod and employ in sod-sod-start. Alter sod-delayed-revert; add a call to move-to-column. Alter function sod-clobber-dos-file-create; revert to the earlier format of a single string identifying the dos. Alter sod-write-stock-definition-file; accept an additional arg and tweak the file commentary. check-in: f101513925 user: sebyte tags: sod
Wrap sod configuration forms, i.e. forms other than defvar & defun, in (when load-in-progress …) forms so that the buffer may be safely eval’ed while visiting sod-dot-sod.el in a sod. (This also helps when accidentally eval’ing the buffer in the dos). Move as much configuration as possible to the top of the file. Rename special sod-dos sod-dos-name and discard special sod-dos-contrib-directory. Alter sod-dos-do; turn any error calling server-eval-at into a simple message. Alter sod-message; accept args string &rest objects, so that it may be called like format. Add function sod-default-payload-sentinel. Only eval the definition file at startup when sod-dos-name is bound to a non-nil value, i.e. when the dos file was successfully read. check-in: 965fc94bb3 user: sebyte tags: sod
Identify in file commentary the Emacs bug affecting sort. Reimplement movement using text properties. Discard full width column names. Advise tabulated-list-print to position point on name column (effective after every revert). Overhaul sod-change-sod-directory, discarding a problematic default-directory let binding. check-in: 22b0b8ce90 user: sebyte tags: sod
Discard the button in the first column and bind RET to new command sod-dwim. Remove the "e-button-" in function names sod-e-button-engage-and-select-window & sod-e-button-select-window and no longer provide for the marker argument that was passed by the button. Remap next-line, previous-line, forward-button & backward-button to newly added commands; sod-next-sod, sod-previous-sod, sod-forward-column & sod-backward-column, respectively. Define function sod-column-map to assist with column movement. Remove superfluous call to sod-set-default-directory in command list-sods, and only make the mode call when necessary. Add utility functions sod-at-point-engaged & sod-at-point-engaged-p. Add new section ‘Sod start utils’. check-in: fad81c0e1b user: sebyte tags: sod
Discard section ‘Tabulated list entries’, including sort functions and function sod-tle-pid. Rename and reimplement functions sod-name & sod-pid sod-at-point-name & sod-at-point-pid respectively. Move ‘mem’ and ‘cpu’ to the rightmost columns. check-in: 543705c862 user: sebyte tags: sod
Add a file comment on our unsuccessful attempts to message the dos at sod start time. check-in: 6b2f59a61b user: sebyte tags: sod
Add command sod-change-sod-directory. Add & employ functions sod-validate-sod-directory-or-abort, sod-ensure-sod-directory-create-or-abort, sod-set-default-directory, sod-clobber-dot-files-create, sod-start-server-or-abort & sod-write-stock-definition-file. Rename function sod-defined-sods sod-sod-directory-definition-files. check-in: 816f143e1b user: sebyte tags: sod
Initial commit. A functioning implementation of the basic framework. check-in: 3e079fe51b user: sebyte tags: sod