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50 most recent check-ins

Overhaul the making of commits within shell buffers and the checkouts buffer. Change special variable i-c-commit-message-file-name to user customisable variable i-sh-commit-message-file-name. Remove key ‘c’ from i-c-mode-map and discard its function binding i-c-commit. Rename i-c-commit-buffer-prepare i-sh-shortcut-commit-buffer-prepare and overhaul. Rename i-c-commit-do i-sh-commit-do and overhaul. Add new faces i-f-commit-buffer-comment & i-f-commit-buffer-comment-highlight. Add three new special variables i-sh-commit-message-end-marker, i-sh-commit-files & i-sh-commit-font-lock-keywords. Add new mode i-sh-commit-mode with four key bindings; i-sh-commit-do, i-sh-commit-diff, i-sh-commit-clear-message & i-sh-commit-save-message. Add function definitions for the last three bindings. Add shortcut utility functions i-sh-shortcut-commit-file-predicate & i-sh-shortcut-commit-buffer-prepare. Move and overhaul shortcut function i-sh-shortcut-commit. Also, add new function i-st-get-state and employ within i-st and i-sh-get-buffer. Add cl-assert form to i-sh-do. Correctly suppress a demarcated prompt in newly spawned shells in i-sh-output monitor. Discard unused i-sh-checkout-mode. Add docstring to i-sh-help-mode. Leaf check-in: d6a4f43cc6 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Add user-customisable variable ifi-global-prefix-key (bound to ‘C-x M-f’). Rename function ifi-shell ifi-shell-shell. Add keymap ifi-global-keymap containing key bindings for i-s-shell & i-c-checkouts. Bind ifi-global-prefix-key to ifi-global-keymap in Emacs’ global-map. check-in: 34c52808c7 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Overhaul i-s-output and i-s-output-monitor (again). Match the shell prompt in the ‘chunk’ arg (rather than moving point in the shell buffer and looking ahead). Employ new function i-s-command-actions which returns the names of the diverter and/or the updater for a given command and dispatch both accordingly. Add a test function (evaluated at compile time) which ensures the values returned by i-s-command-actions meet expectations. Add two new regexps i-s-update-all-headline-rx matching ‘all pull|push|sync’ & i-s-all-changes-rx matching ‘all clean’. No longer match these in i-s-update-all-both-rx and update i-s-update-rx-group. Fix ‘checkout’ and ‘commit .* --branch’ regexps in i-s-update-one-both-rx. Add a new diverter; ‘divert-checkout’. Fix i-s-divert-help-rx. Add new regexp i-s-divert-checkout-rx. Update i-s-divert-rx-group. Add function i-s-divert-checkout. Rename function i-s-divert-buffer-prepare i-s-divert-output-buffer-prepare. Rename i-s-divert-wrapped-buffer-prepare i-s-divert-timeline-buffer-prepare. Add function i-s-divert-file-list-buffer-prepare. Dispense with unnecessary ‘mode’ args where possible. Add new shortcut ‘status’ defined in new function i-s-shortcut-status. Improve commentary in section ‘Output monitor regexps’. check-in: d3e3cfe9ca user: sebyte tags: ifi
Discard function i-l-pop-to-buffer since it serves no useful purpose. In fact, it was causing the shell window to duplicate itself here and there. Tweak i-c-commit. Add a call to comint-delete-input in i-s-do. Simplify i-s-ouptut and improve commentary. Remove excess commentary in i-s-output-monitor. check-in: 20634fb206 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Rename special variable mashfile-mash-invocation mashfile-mash-program. ‘-program’ is the conventional suffix used for external programs and special variables ending this way are automatically considered risky. Replace the ‘defvar-local’ forms defining mashfile-output-buffer-pre-mash-hooks & mashfile-output-buffer-post-mash-hooks with ‘defcustom’ forms. (Special variables ending with ‘-hooks’ are also considered risky). Mark special variables mashfile-erase-output-buffer-p & mashfile-honour-value-of-sh-shell-p as safe when satisfying ‘booleanp’. Leaf check-in: 627eb2f6fa user: sebyte tags: util
Overhaul the implmentation of ifi-shell-output-monitor. Functionaly, there should be little or no change in behaviour expect perhaps for one thing; the ‘divert set’ and the ‘update set’ of commands are now treated as mutually exclusive, which they currently are. We will address this shortcoming when we introduce the 'checkout' command to both sets. check-in: 5d3ca8d08e user: sebyte tags: ifi
Overhaul the diverting of output to separate buffers. Move location of i-s-output & i-s-maybe-eval-checkouts-buffer to beginning of section. Incorporate the definition of i-s-replace-output in i-s-output & discard. Discard i-s-maybe-divert, i-s-maybe-divert-timeline & i-s-maybe-divert-finfo (an alias). Add i-s-divert-buffer-prepare and employ within new i-s-divert-help & i-s-divert-diff. Add i-s-divert-wrapped-buffer-prepare and employ within new i-s-divert-timeline & i-s-divert-finfo. Employ new i-s-divert-* functions within i-s-output-monitor (mixed group D). check-in: 55ed2efc9a user: sebyte tags: ifi
In the shell buffer, insert a space character after the command when an i-c-shell-do command is issued with a prefix (a.k.a. universal) argument. check-in: 7c07b207d5 user: sebyte tags: ifi
With the help of ‘xr’ (not currently part of Emacs), define the monitor groups (command, option & mixed) using ‘rx’ notation (and evaluate them at compile time). The resulting regexps are _almost_ identical. (The increase in clarity ‘rx’ notation brings lead to one or two subtle improvements). check-in: 73bd84bae0 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Augment i-c-auto-update-mode by providing dired-internal-do-deletions with ‘after advice’ i-c-after-delete-update-checkouts-buffer. (Advice used in the absence of a suitable hook variable). Rename i-c-after-save-hook i-c-after-save-update-checkouts-buffer. Add functions i-l-checkout-root & i-l-common-prefix. Discard similar functions i-c-file-checkout & i-s-checkout-root. Employ i-l-checkout-root in their place. This fixes a bug in i-c-after-save-hook (now renamed) which meant the checkout stanza for a file accessed via a symbolic link was not being updated. check-in: c261fcf7e1 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Add checks to prevent duplication of state. Add cl-assert form to ifi-state and add funcions i-l-canonicalise-directory & i-s-checkout-root. Employ new functions within i-s-get-buffer-create & i-s-shortcut-cd. Improve commentary in ifi-shell.el. check-in: cfb51823cb user: sebyte tags: ifi
Project-agnostic Makefile (file ‘tool/makefile’ on branch ‘trunk’) is now in use, so add ‘Makefile’ to ‘.fossil-settings/ignore-glob’. Employ ‘tool/texi-utils.el’ by altering the Local Variables stanza in ‘doc/ifi.texi’. Include newly generated but otherwise unchanged editions of the manual; the first built using the new, project-agnostic Makefile. check-in: f113076744 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Improve commentary, reposition target debug.pdf and increase the utility of debug.pdf by carrying out the same operations ordinarily performed. Leaf check-in: dde40f63dd user: sebyte tags: trunk
Correct and improve the commentary, fix target %index.html and move target debug.pdf to the end of its section. check-in: 1daa81a853 user: sebyte tags: trunk
Somehow, the content of file ‘tool/makefile’, newly added in the previous commit, was not what it should have been. Commit the correct content (based on the concatenation of files ‘Makefile’ and ‘doc/Makefile’ on branch ‘ifi’) now. Slightly alter the format of the LAST-MODIFIED timestamp in texi-utils.el. check-in: 5fe3e56e00 user: sebyte tags: trunk
Delete Makefile, doc/Makefile & doc/ifi-texi-before-save-hook.el in preparation for the switch to the project-agnostic tools now found on branch trunk. Rename ifi-loaddefs.el ifi-autoloads.el. check-in: 21c953800f user: sebyte tags: ifi
Add ‘tool/makefile’(†) based on the concatenation of files ‘Makefile’ and ‘doc/Makefile’ on branch ‘ifi’). Add ‘tool/texi-utils.el’ based on file ‘doc/ifi-texi-before-save-hook.el’ on branch ‘ifi’. Improve the commentary of ‘tool/fossilize-body.sh’. († The file name is uncapitalised to indicate that it is not an ordinary Makefile). check-in: a00c475267 user: sebyte tags: trunk
Discard four functions; i-c-all-headline-markers, i-c-headline-marker-map, i-c-all-change-markers & i-c-all-change-marker-map, by incorporating their definitions within i-c-forget-all-stanza-markers & i-c-rebuild-position-maps (the latter repositioned with i-c-stanza-region-markers). Rename i-c-write-headline i-c-update-headline & i-c-write-changes i-c-update-changes, in keeping with naming policy. check-in: e7173015ad user: sebyte tags: ifi
Clean up code, i.e. replace ‘remove nil’ forms with ‘when’ forms (EDIT: this was a mistake) and discard remaining ‘ignore’ forms (by underscore prefix naming args). check-in: 23336b87d8 user: sebyte tags: ifi
In the case of the final checkout, return a marker (rather than an integer) representing the end of the region, in accordance with the function's name. check-in: 05bdc57d38 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Fix a bug in i-c-after-save-hook affecting only the final checkout in the *Fossil checkouts* buffer. Add a cl-assert form to i-c-stanza-region-markers preventing the mistake from being repeated. check-in: 31dbd377c5 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Avoid duplication by reworking i-c-goto-headline & i-c-goto-change and adding and employing i-c-restore-point, i-c-ensure-point-inhabits-stanza & i-c-sync-window-points. Simplify i-c-update-stanza & i-c-after-save-hook (and avoid duplication) by adding and employing functions i-c-rewrite-headline, i-c-rewrite-changes & i-c-rewrite-both. Simplify i-s-maybe-eval-in-checkouts-buffer by employing i-c-ensure-point-inhabits-stanza & i-c-sync-window-points. Simplify i-s-shortcut-checkouts by employing i-c-ensure-point-inhabits-stanza and silence compiler warnings using eval-and-compile. Discard all ignore forms (by underscore prefix naming args). Rename i-c-ckout-stanza-region i-c-ckout-stanza-region-markers, for clarity. Discard i-c-all-checkouts-apply & ifi-ckout-all-checkouts-do. check-in: 1abbd35efd user: sebyte tags: ifi
Change name of target 'all' to 'code'. check-in: 186df72d42 user: sebyte tags: util
Change name of target 'all-code' to 'code' and make it the primary target. Change name of target 'all-docs' to 'docs'. check-in: b57b313dfa user: sebyte tags: ifi
Change name of target 'esteem' to 'code'. Leaf check-in: d440b5d275 user: sebyte tags: esteem
In July 2020, the name of Fossil command ‘remote-url’ was shortened to ‘remote’ and new functionality was added. ‘remote-url’ still works but is, presumably, deprecated. Update code to reflect this change, essentially by replacing ‘remote-url’ with ‘default-remote’. check-in: 51e59c27bb user: sebyte tags: ifi
Add two shortcuts; snapshot-path & snapshot-path-revert. check-in: 6a4ccc7a8f user: sebyte tags: ifi
Define input & output ‘monitors’ rather than input and output ‘sentinels’ and make the actual shell process sentinel a named function, with name ifi-shell-process-sentinel. check-in: 6c2523424a user: sebyte tags: ifi
Adapt globs to match files in subdirectories as well as the top level directory. check-in: 870e0826ca user: sebyte tags: ifi
Include the editions of the manual which should have been included in the previous checkin/commit. check-in: 44ed9695c7 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Introduce and employ a number of aliases and a macro. Remove all occurences of @samp, @kbd, @w & @t commands. Add a note about vc-fossil.el. Begin work on section ‘*Fossil shell* buffers’. Add a new chapter stub with working title ‘Primary features’ and two section stubs; ‘IFI headlines’ & ‘IFI shortcuts’. check-in: 82afa1ca8e user: sebyte tags: ifi
Introduce and employ special variable ifi-ckout-commit-message-file-name. check-in: 90f1e0c6d8 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Improve commentary and layout. On 28th May 2020, checkin 8ad5e469 altered the output of Fossil command ‘info current’. The line beginning ‘uuid:’ now begins with ‘hash:’. Update the code to reflect this change. N.B. This script has still not been tested even once. check-in: ce67426d74 user: sebyte tags: trunk
Add function ifi-ckout-file-checkout which accepts a file argument and returns the checkout to which the file belongs. Add function ifi-ckout-after-save-hook which accepts no arguments and performs a changes-only update of the relevant stanza in buffer *Fossil checkouts* when a checkout file is saved. Define minor mode ifi-ckout-auto-update-mode which adds ifi-ckout-after-save-hook to Emacs' variable after-save-hook. Activate ifi-ckout-auto-update-mode when entering ifi-ckout-mode. Update documentation string of ifi-ckout-mode. Add a TODO. check-in: e45e5e8188 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Merge ifi. Leaf check-in: eb30e4a556 user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Update copyright years. check-in: 193538737c user: sebyte tags: ifi
Add shortcut ifi-shell-shortcut-commit-branch. check-in: b2bb095846 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Improve consistency of wording and style. check-in: c2df47793f user: sebyte tags: ifi
Polish existing documentation before continuing. Add file ifi-texi-before-save-hook.el check-in: d7f29150fc user: sebyte tags: ifi
Add shortcut ifi-shell-shortcut-commit. check-in: 2231815dc8 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Add 'Path' to the list of words which trigger completion and fix a bug preventing the 'erase output buffer' option from working properly. check-in: c366fddc9e user: sebyte tags: util
Employ function file-truename in functions esteem-directory-below-shared-folder-p and esteem-check-directory to correctly handle symbolic links. check-in: 80d418f085 user: sebyte tags: esteem
Allow (and encourage) the value of user customizable variable esteem-fallback-folder-list to be a list of shared folders without folder types, i.e. a list of strings rather than a list of conses. check-in: 9890a642ab user: sebyte tags: esteem
Discard the dedicated message buffer and revert to minibuffer messaging. No longer advise dired-maybe-insert-subdirectoy. Define esteem-mode (using define-minor-mode) to toggle functionality. Improve doc strings in section Folder and overhaul section Device. check-in: eb21037555 user: sebyte tags: esteem
Implement completion on file or directory names. check-in: bf02062b1b user: sebyte tags: util
Implement the asterix ICTP, allowing a user to pass as many arguments to a target as are necessary. check-in: 38feb8f5f6 user: sebyte tags: util
Add a TODO. check-in: 241fd5e052 user: sebyte tags: util
Rewrite examples to improve clarity and consistency. check-in: d989177bf2 user: sebyte tags: util
Move the examples of how to write in-commentary target parameters (ICTPs) to their own file. In mashfile-mode.el, improve the leading commentary and the commentary within function mashfile-parse-delimited-content. check-in: 43b97cf829 user: sebyte tags: util
No longer treat literal target params differently, i.e. have function mashfile-read-argument _always_ pass its arguments to mashfile-parse-delimited-content. The effect of this change is greater convenience. For example, a required, named parameter may be changed to a literal (named) parameter simply by swapping angle brackets for parentheses. Beforehand, to become a literal parameter, the name had to be removed. check-in: 60cbe686f2 user: sebyte tags: util