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42 check-ins related to "ifi-notify"

Merge branch ifi and eliminate the only regular set of merge conflicts by replacing 'root-directory' (used on branch ifi-notify until now) with 'canonical-directory' (used on branch ifi). Leaf check-in: cb07aac592 user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Fortify i-sh-shortcut-commit-buffer-prepare by protecting the message end marker with a fence, i.e. a leading, read-only newline. Also, signal a user error when a previously populated *Fossil commit* buffer is visiting a message file under a different checkout. Finally, only rewrite buffer contents when necessary and offer to save a modified message before a rewrite. With these fortifications in place, safely alter i-sh-commit-do and call i-sh-get-buffer-create (rather than i-sh-get-buffer). check-in: 92d1f8312d user: sebyte tags: ifi
Merge ifi. check-in: eb30e4a556 user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Update copyright years. check-in: 193538737c user: sebyte tags: ifi
Merge ifi. check-in: 383e67647e user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Add three commands; i-c-all-checkouts-do-pull, i-c-all-checkouts-do-sync & i-c-all-checkouts-do-update, which perform operations on each checkout in turn. Move i-c-current-checkout & i-c-current-change to new section 'Buffer utils' and add functions i-c-all-checkouts-apply & i-c-all-checkouts-do. Add function i-st-project-states (currently unemployed). check-in: 592f569238 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Merge ifi. check-in: f334b7e1e2 user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Reverse decision to add optional directory argument to i-sh-do, greatly simplifying its implementation. Rename shortcut shell-command system-shell-command. Add shortcuts timeline-verbose, timeline-path-verbose, incoming & incoming-verbose. Add two (experimental) global key bindings. Relocate i-sh-toggle-feature to section 'Main mode, keys, shell process & utils' earlier in the file. Add a settings regexp to command group S1. Rename function i-sh-divert-buffer-revert i-sh-divert-revert-buffer-function, function i-sh-divert-buffer-position-point i-sh-divert-buffer-reposition-point & function i-sh-shortcut i-sh-shortcut-dispatch, the latter no longer an interactive command. Rename section 'Shortcuts' 'Shortcut utils & misc. shortcuts' and add sections 'ifi-shell-do shortcuts' & 'System shell command shortcut (& patrons)'. Rename function i-pop-to-buffer i-l-pop-to-buffer. Add three new key bindings to i-c-mode-map; i-c-timeline-verbose, i-c-incoming & i-c-incoming-verbose, employing associated shortcut. Rename function i-c-buffer-prepare i-c-get-buffer-create. Add function i-c-get-buffer. Make i-c-checkouts an interactive command and fossil-checkouts an alias. Add two new macros; i-c-with-shell-buffer & i-c-with-shell-buffer-do. Create two new sections; 'ifi-shell-do-* commands' & 'ifi-shell-shortcut-* commands', functions in the former employing new macro i-c-with-shell-buffer-do & functions in the latter employing new macro i-c-with-shell-buffer. check-in: 9bafceb954 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Merge ifi. check-in: 7acac0288f user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Alter i-sh-do to accept a string command arg and an optional directory arg and adapt functions that call i-sh-do. Tweak i-sh-output-monitor to handle the empty string (caused by Ctrl-D) and send a new set of args to i-sh-maybe-divert; dir, command, output & type, more akin to i-sh-maybe-divert-timeline. Adapt i-sh-maybe-divert accordingly. Adapt shortcuts to accept an optional 'checkout' argument and pass that argument to i-sh-do, rather than calling comint-send-input directly. This makes shortcuts editable (using a prefix argument) and allows them to be called from somewhere other than the shell buffer. Add two new shortcuts; timeline & timeline-path. Add new command i-c-help which calls i-sh-shortcut-help directly. Discard macro i-c-define-simple-shell-do-command. Use i-sh-line-dispatch consistently for all i-c-* commands and employ shortcuts where possible. check-in: 8396d05d78 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Merge ifi (which now includes integrated branch ifi-wrap). check-in: 71b5f90ba5 user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Integrate, i.e. merge & close, branch ifi-wrap. check-in: dd2665d982 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Merge ifi. check-in: 45bfd63f38 user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Alter i-sh-output-sentinel. Skip input command matching in newly spawned shells and strip the trailing newline from the input command. check-in: c034526228 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Merge ifi. check-in: 4f740d7d60 user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Rename file ifi-dirs.el ifi-ckout.el. Replaces 'dirs' in function names with 'ckout'. Change buffer name '*fossil dirs*' to '*Fossil checkouts*'. Change remaining buffer names '*fossil <thing>*' to '*Fossil <thing>*'. check-in: 6e74a636a5 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Merge ifi. check-in: 4f0e751c6d user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Improve commentary and employ Emacs' -L option in Makefile. Add command i-d-clean. Discard function i-d-eval-in-fossil-shell. Remove 'checkout' arg from i-d--async-system-shell-command and bring process sentinel defined within up to date. Define and employ macro i-d-define-simple-shell-do-command for 'add', 'revert', 'clean' and 'diff'. Move the task preformed by i-sh-dirs-buffer-maybe-move-point into i-sh-maybe-eval-in-dirs-buffer and discard. Relocate i-sh-toggle-feature. check-in: c5e0e1a348 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Merge ifi. check-in: 0be1606002 user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
State slot change-markers now holds cons cells comprising of marker and absolute file name. Replace 'index' in i-d-{headline|change}-index with 'map'. Refer to 'map' rather than 'index' throughout. Add functions i-d-goto-{headline|change} accepting a map entry argument. Rename i-d-all-{headline|change}-marker-positions i-d-{headline|change}-marker-map and no longer call #'marker-position within. Adapt i-d-forget-*-markers to new map format. Employ new text property 'ifi-file-name in i-d-parse-line, greatly simplifying its implementation. Add two new functions; i-d-current-checkout and i-d-current-change, accepting no arguments, and one new function; i-d-parse-change accepting two arguments; checkout & change. Employ latter in i-d-write-changes, introducing new text properties; ifi-action & ifi-file-name. Employ i-d-goto-headline & i-d-headline-map in i-d-update-buffer, preserving the position of point on a particular headline whenever possible. No longer accept checkout as an argument to i-d-update-stanza and rename the 'section' argument 'component'. Employ i-d-goto-change & i-d-change-map to preserve the position of point on a particular file whenever possible. Make the same 'section' to 'component' name change in i-d--async-system-shell-command. Remove section 'misc utils'. Rename function i-sh-update-header-line i-sh-write-header-line. Overhaul i-sh-maybe-eval-in-dirs-buffer, accepting any number of 'form' arguments. Employ i-d-goto-headline & i-d-current-checkout in new function i-sh-dirs-buffer-maybe-move-point. Adapt i-sh-output-sentinel accordingly, partly by replacing calls to i-d-refresh-stanza with calls to i-d-update-stanza. check-in: 61a27eaa67 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Merge ifi, tweak commentary in i-d-parse-line and ignore arg in i-d-system-shell-command. check-in: af1a62f7af user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Fix a bug in i-sh-maybe-divert, introduced when diversion was made conditional on their being some output, by replacing i-sh-snarf-output with two functions; i-sh-output & i-sh-replace-output. check-in: f6b7fc5e19 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Minor change to commentary wording. check-in: cd46866931 user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Replace obsolete #'subtract-time with #'time-subtract. check-in: 74be878446 user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Merge ifi. check-in: 6a87d65b06 user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Replace call to position with call to cl-position in i-d-parse-line. Remove redundant function i-d-diff-buffer-prepare. Rename i-d-commit-exec i-d-commit-do, employ i-sh-do, temp file ifi-commit-message.txt and new macro with-fossil-shell-buffer, and no longer employ i-d-refresh-stanza (that is now performed by shell output monitor). No longer employ font-lock-defaults in i-d-commit-buffer-prepare. Add commentary to section 'Simple commands' and juggle order. Employ i-sh-do in i-d-diff. Employ i-d-diff in i-d-commit. Employ new function i-d-move-points-to in place of goto-char where necessary. Move definition of macro with-fossil-dirs-buffer to ifi-shell.el (and fortify). Add new function i-l-strip-trailing-whitespace and employ in i-l-fossil-output-to-string. Toggle default values of i-sh-demarcated-prompt & i-sh-divert-checkout-p to 'off'. Remove redundant special variables i-sh-post-output-header-action & i-sh-post-output-divert-action and redundant function i-sh-input-monitor. Rename regexp variables by removing the 'input' in i-sh-input-*-regexp. Overhaul i-sh-output-monitor inc. employing with-fossil-dirs-buffer. Overhaul i-sh-maybe-divert by adding a new compulsory argument; command, and removing final-sexp. Also bind revert-buffer-function in all divert buffers and display the shell buffer when a divert is off. Make the shell process sentinel set shell-buffer state slots appropriately. Add new optional argument no-new-process-p to i-sh-get-buffer-create, allowing i-sh-do to send input to the process after a suitable delay. Remove arguments command and dont-send-p from i-sh-do and accept any number of arguments (concatenated to form command) instead. Fix a small bug in i-sh-shortcut-shell exposed by new implementation of i-sh-output-monitor. Alter i-st-parse-info to nullify the project-name slot when a checkout directory is no longer a checkout and becomes an ordinary directory instead, i.e. on 'close'. check-in: 10077dcb06 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Cure hangover in i-st--watcher-callback and replace idle timer with an 'ordinary' timer in i-st-start-event-monitor. check-in: 0e2ad4ea43 user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Cherrypick merge of 6fc8935bfe (from ifi-notify). check-in: 8cdc5982a8 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Remove the experimental sledgehammer linking *fossil shell* buffers with the *fossil dirs* buffer. check-in: 6fc8935bfe user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Implement an experimental notifications framework (requiring filenotify.el). check-in: f6f9556bfd user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Merge ifi. check-in: c5ddcf8f90 user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
The one that got away. check-in: d582ce0ada user: sebyte tags: ifi
Merge ifi. check-in: ce45442064 user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Adapt i-l-refresh-headline-state to (optionally) accept either a directory or ifi-state argument. Alter i-d-refresh-state accordingly. Improve code layout. check-in: f559c6efde user: sebyte tags: ifi
Merge in new code layout and alter indentation of i-st-parse-ls. check-in: 8eeaac12fc user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Alter code layout. check-in: af90b6cb6f user: sebyte tags: ifi
Merge branch ifi. Also adapt i-d-parse-line to handle UPDATED_BY_MERGE. (If this adaptation had been its own commit, it would have been ripe for cherrypicking, into ifi). check-in: 7548793a49 user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Ditch the checkin comment and make headlines in the *fossil dirs* buffer the same as the header-line in *fossil shell* buffers (but keep the synclight). Alter i-st-parse-info to only parse info when necessary and replace '<unnamed>' with '<no-name>'. Add predicate function i-st-checkout-p. Remove redundant checkout check from all i-st-parse-* functions. Replace 'off' with '<no-remote-url>' in i-st-parse-remote-url. Replace the empty string with '<no-branch>' in i-st-parse-branch-current. Rename face i-d-directory ifi-root-directory and face i-d-change-extra ifi-change-extra. Add four new faces; ifi-branch-name, ifi-timeline-position, ifi-timeline-position-bracket & ifi-remote url. Ensure all headline faces are not underlined. Inherit from font-lock-* faces where possible. Discard function i-l-canonicalise-directory. Add functions i-l-refresh-headline-state & i-l-headline. Adapt i-l-propertize-synclight for use in header-lines. New special variable i-d-all-checkouts. Employ i-l-refresh-headline-state in i-d-refresh-state. Employ i-d-all-checkouts in i-d-checkout-states. Employ i-l-headline in i-d-write-headline. Simplify impl. of i-d-stanza-region. Employ i-d-all-checkouts in i-d-refresh. Add util i-d-checkout-handled-p. Discard function i-sh-refresh-state. Employ i-l-headline in i-sh-update-header-line. Employ i-l-refresh-headline-state in i-sh-mode & i-sh-output-monitor and add check in i-sh-output-monitor to remove dependency on ifi-dirs.el. Employ i-l-refresh-headline-state in process sentinel in i-sh-comint-exec and in i-sh-shortcut-update-header-line. check-in: c31cdaf7c1 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Merge renames from branch ifi. check-in: f54d0b337c user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Pervasive renaming only. Remove 'buffer' in i-d-buffer-headline-index, i-d-buffer-change-index, i-d-buffer-refresh & i-d-buffer-index-prev. Rename i-d-buffer-refresh-checkout i-d-refresh-stanza. Rename i-d-goto-next-checkout i-d-goto-next-stanza & i-d-goto-previous-checkout i-d-goto-prev-stanza. Rename i-d-goto-previous i-d-goto-prev. Rename i-d-all-checkout-stanza-markers i-d-all-headline-markers, i-d-all-checkout-stanza-marker-positions i-d-all-headline-marker-positions. Remove 'checkout' in i-d-all-checkout-change-markers & i-d-all-checkout-change-marker-positions. Rename i-d-forget-all-checkout-markers i-d-forget-all-stanza-markers. Remove 'checkout' in i-d-checkout-write-headline & i-d-checkout-write-changes. Rename i-d-checkout-region i-d-stanza-region. Rename i-sh-shortcut-update-state i-sh-shortcut-update-header-line. Rename slot stanza-marker headline-marker. check-in: 1fe8d1fc4f user: sebyte tags: ifi
New branch. Rename slot canonical-directory root-directory. Two new slots; root-subdirectories & directory-watchers. New function i-st-parse-ls. Add i-st-parse-ls call to i-d-refresh-state. check-in: fb91270724 user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Point in *fossil dirs* buffer still misbehaves when the checkout containing point is 'externally' refreshed. Possible Emacs bug. Modify i-d-index-{next|prev} to accept an integer index or cons index. Modify i-d-all-checkout-stanza-marker-positions to return conses of the form (pos . "/path/to/checkout/"). Remove redundant function i-d-goto-headline. Fortify i-d-checkout-region by requiring a checkout argument and employing the new cons index. Caution is no longer necessary. Simplify impl. of i-d-buffer-refresh & i-d-buffer-refresh-checkout. Add two new utils; i-d-buffer-live-p & with-fossil-dirs-buffer. Employ new utils in i-sh-output-monitor. check-in: b6109e4ca1 user: sebyte tags: ifi