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50 most recent check-ins related to "ifi"

Add missing closing parenthesis. Leaf check-in: cafe076024 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Discard use of deprecated millisecond argument to #'sleep-for. check-in: 8c14e39245 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Restrict shortcuts timeline and timeline-verbose to the current branch and add shortcuts timeline-all-branches and timeline-all-branches-verbose. Simplify ifi-shell-read-checkin-name. check-in: a21fffb9aa user: sebyte tags: ifi
*** No message *** check-in: 6d38869a94 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Modify #'i-sh-read-relative-file-name; complete on directories (as well as files) and tweak call to #'read-file-name so that not entering a file is possible. check-in: 31e33e700f user: sebyte tags: ifi
Alter function i-sh-shortcut-fast-forward. Employ Fossil’s ‘update --nosync’ command (rather than ‘checkout’) as a means of fast-forwarding (in Git-speak). check-in: 4153344643 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Employ Unicode’s ‘Black circle’ (rather than ‘Black large circle’) as the synclight. check-in: e8dee34c93 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Correctly escape single quotation marks in docstrings and update loaddefs. check-in: afdf80c794 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Alter function ifi-ckout--async-system-shell-command; ensure default-directory is bound correctly when the *IFI Async Shell Command* buffer already exists. check-in: 81c7fe1370 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Silence various compiler warnings. check-in: 50f4799294 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Fix i-c--async-system-shell-command; use the value of default-directory at evaluation time (rather than the value at execution time). check-in: d69978f73d user: sebyte tags: ifi
Add minor mode ifi-shell-timeline-oneline-mode. Notice use of option ‘--oneline’ in i-sh-divert-timeline-buffer-prepare and put the divert buffer in the appropriate mode. Improve commentary in ifi-lib.el. check-in: d99829a488 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Add feature 'doc-browse-fossil-source and employ within i-sh-doc-browse-fossil-source-p. check-in: 3428bc6a59 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Rename function i-l-find-doc-files i-l-fossil-docs. check-in: 7b5bfe7c6c user: sebyte tags: ifi
Update default value of user-customisable variable ifi-fossil-url. check-in: c2e54fc758 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Silence compiler warning. check-in: f342a0292e user: sebyte tags: ifi
Add a branch check to i-sh-shortcut-commit and tweak the commit buffer commentary in i-sh-commit-buffer-prepare. check-in: b8a4051c9e user: sebyte tags: ifi
Add command i-c-local-emacs-command, boud to ‘@’. check-in: e931b49233 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Add function i-c-find-file. Change keybinding of i-c-grep & i-c-rgrep. Rename section 'System shell commands' 'Misc. convenience commands'. Have i-c-clean always display shell buffer. Add files binary-glob & keep-glob under .fossil-settings/. check-in: b3b900bb31 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Reorder keybindings. Rename and relocate various sections. Replace calls to i-sh-do with i-sh-do-buffer-return. Improve shortcut commentary. check-in: f315a88fe4 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Rename macro with-ifi-shell-buffer-return with-ifi-shell-buffer (and no longer return the shell buffer). Rename function i-sh-do i-sh-do-buffer-return. Rename function i-sh-just-do i-sh-do. check-in: ee6ab53e31 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Add four timeline action utils; i-sh-timeline-hash-p, i-sh-timeline-point-at-hash-p, i-sh-timeline-point-at-hash-current-p & -s-timeline-read-hash-at-point, and employ within i-sh-timeline-amend-checkin, i-sh-timeline-diff-checkin-against-parent & i-sh-divert-timeline-buffer-prepare. Add call to i-l-sync-window-points in i-sh-divert-timeline-buffer-prepare. Rename macro with-i-sh-shell-buffer with-i-sh-shell-buffer-return. check-in: 5a3be3ff13 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Rename functions i-c-point-restored i-c-original-point-position, i-c-point-at-headline-any i-c-position-at-headline-any and i-c-point-within-checkout i-c-position-within-checkout. Add predicate function i-c-point-within-checkout-p. Add function i-c-update-checkout-at-point and bind it to key ‘g’ (previously bound to i-c-update-checkout). Alter function i-c-update-checkout; accept mandatory argument ‘checkout’ and optional argument ‘component’ and perform necessary point movement (rather than expecting point to be correctly positioned). Add function i-c--update-checkout (note double dash), employed by both i-c-update-checkout & i-c-update-checkout-at-point, which does expect a correctly positioned point. Discard section ‘Buffer utils’. Alter i-sh-maybe-eval-in-checkouts-buffer; accept a ‘form’ argument, rather than the unnecessary ‘forms’. Adapt i-c-update-checkout calls to changed lambda list. check-in: 1358b6a10b user: sebyte tags: ifi
Wrap some long lines in ifi-shell.el. Discard shortcuts commit-file, commit-file-branch, snapshot-path, snapshot-path-revert, timeline-path & timeline-path-verbose. Adapt their counterparts to handle an optional file argument. Add shortcut diff-from-to. Rename i-sh-amend-replace-with-message-file-contents i-sh-amend-replace-with-message-file. Add utility i-sh-branches-tags-and-hashes. Incorporate i-sh-commit-file-predicate in i-sh-read-relative-file-name and make customisable by accepting optinal args. Rationalise i-sh-just-dispatch-shortcut; employ format (works on strings and symbols) and no longer accept and pass on the unsued ‘thing’ argument. Employ format in i-sh-dispatch-shortcut too. Revert shortcuts to accepting an optional arg and employ i-sh-read-relative-file-name on all file args. Bind ‘k‘ to i-c-checkout (uses new i-sh-shortcut-checkout) and ‘+’ to i-c-diff-from-to (uses i-sh-shortcut-diff-from-to). Add ‘diff-checkin-against-parent’ to i-c-incompatible-shell-shortcuts. No longer dispatch to a separate file-handling function in the case of commit, commit-branch, timeline & timeline-verbose, following necessary adaptations to the callees. Rename ifi-shell-timeline-limit-for-checkin-hash-completion ifi-shell-abbreviated-hash-limit. check-in: ef959acb6a user: sebyte tags: ifi
Rename i-c-diff i-c-diff-current-with-checkout, for clarity. Add ‘checkouts’ to i-c-incompatible-shell-shortcuts. Bind special i-l-fossil-docs to nil at startup and populate on first use by tweaking i-l-find-doc-files. Add shortcut ‘checkout’. Rename i-sh-timeline-diff-against-parent i-sh-timeline-diff-checkin-against-parent, i-sh-amend-diff-against-parent i-sh-amend-diff-checkin-against-parent & i-sh-commit-diff-against-base i-sh-commit-diff-current-with-checkout. Rename i-sh-checkin-ids i-sh-abbreviated-hashes. Add functions i-sh-branches, i-sh-ordinary-tags, i-sh-special-tags, i-sh-root-and-merge-in-tags, i-sh-branches-and-tags. Rename i-sh-read-checkin i-sh-read-checkin-name and reimplement. Move i-sh-shortcut-diff-checkin-against-parent to correct section, below i-sh-shortcut-checkout check-in: 7ae00a6adb user: sebyte tags: ifi
Tweak commentary. check-in: 3d78ba82e1 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Discard unused special i-sh-fossil-or-sqlite-prompt-regexp and function i-sh-point-at-fossil-or-sqlite-prompt-p. Add function i-sh-timeline-diff-against-parent (bound to ‘=’ in timeline buffers). Position point on the first checkin upon entering a timeline buffer. Combine sections ‘Amend mode’ & ‘Commit mode’ into a single section ‘Message buffer modes’. Move the definition of i-sh-shell from the end of section ‘Shell utils’ to the end of section ‘Shell process’ and add section ‘Shell macros’ above ‘Shell utils’. Rename macro i-sh-provide-for-buffer-external-calls with-i-sh-buffer & macro i-sh-check-for-activity with-i-sh-activity-check (and tweak the former). Move utils i-sh-checkin-ids, i-sh-checkin-parent & i-sh-read-checkin from section ‘Shortcut utils’ to section ‘Shell utils’. Fortify i-sh-just-dispatch-shortcut with a cl-assert form. Reimplement i-sh-dispatch-shortcut. Make the ‘dir’ argument of i-l-headline optional (defaulting to default-directory). check-in: 649a759209 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Rename i-c-shell-shortcut i-c-dispatch-shell-shortcut & i-c-shell-do i-c-dispatch-shell-do. Discard ludicrous ignore-chng-p arguments. Add special i-c-incompatible-shell-shortcuts and emply in i-c-dispatch-shell-shortcut. Call i-c-line-dispatch & then i-sh-dispatch-shortcut directly in i-c-system-shell-command. Add shortcut diff-checkin-against-parent. Call i-sh-just-dispatch-shortcut in i-sh-process-sentinel (rather than calling the shortcut directly). Add shortcut utility i-sh-read-checkin and employ in i-sh-shortcut-amend & i-sh-shortcut-diff-checkin-against-parent. Change the lambda list of all shortcuts; the function argument is no longer optional. These changes reflect much improved commentary. check-in: 48026169e4 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Replace feature shortcut-www-doc-browse with user-customisable variable i-sh-doc-browse-fossil-source-p. Remove the ‘shortcut’ in ifi-shell-shortcut-help-history and the ‘www’ in i-sh-shortcut-www-doc-history. Remove the ‘www’ in function i-l-find-www-doc-files and special i-l-fossil-www-docs. Rename shortcut www-doc doc-browse. check-in: 4787278bd1 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Fix all FIXMEs and tweak a couple of things. Make ifi-state an alias of ifi-state-get-state-create and define the latter using cl-defun and a parenthesised optional ‘dir’ arguent defaulting to default-directory. Make ifi-state-no-create an alias of ifi-state-get-state and do the same. Replace all (ifi-state default-directory) forms with (ifi-state). Discard redundant global-map bindings. Change the date movement commands in timeline buffers; position point on the first checkin following the date. Improve the efficiency of i-sh-checkin-ids. Add user customisable variable i-sh-timeline-limit-for-checkin-hash-completion and reduce default value of i-sh-process-grace-period to 250. Add some commentary TODOs. check-in: e546552f7b user: sebyte tags: ifi
Make ifi-shell-dispatch-shortcut a global command bound to ‘C-x M-f ,’ by default. Add user customisable variable i-sh-auto-insert-commit-message-p. Prevent the preparation of message buffers from being undone. Add functions i-sh-amend-replace-with-message-file-contents & i-sh-commit-insert-message-file-contents. Add -against-parent & -against-base to i-sh-amend-diff & i-sh-commit-diff respectively. Honour value of i-sh-auto-insert-commit-message-p in i-sh-sommit-buffer-prepare. Add utility function i-sh-checkin-parent accepting a checkin argument and returning the abbreviated hash of its parent. check-in: 12d5a1a8e1 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Rename various variables, functions and function arguments. Replace ‘stanza’ with ‘checkout’, ‘dir’ with ‘checkout’ and ‘file’ with ’chng’ or ’change’. Add commentary to files where ‘dir’ arguments remain. check-in: 94cf189783 user: sebyte tags: ifi
File ifi-shell.el now requires thingatpt. Move sections ‘Shell process’, ’Utils’ and ‘Entry points’ below section ‘Divert functions’ and rename section ‘Utils’ ‘Shell utils’. Call i-sh-shortcut-amend correctly in i-sh-timeline-amend-checkin. Add macros i-sh-provide-for-buffer-external-calls & i-sh-check-for-activity. Add functions i-sh-point-at-fossil-prompt-p, i-sh-point-at-fossil-or-sqlite-prompt-p, i-sh-just-do & i-sh-just-dispatch-shortcut. Employ new macros in i-sh-do & i-sh-dispatch-shortcut. Employ new functions in i-sh-handle-shortcut-char. Discard redundant checks in i-sh-shortcut-clear. Replace calls to i-sh-do in shortcuts with calls to i-sh-just-do. check-in: 1abfb6f082 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Add feature ‘demarcated-timeline-entries’. Discard unused special i-sh-checkout-font-lock-keywords. Augment i-sh-timeline-mode by adding motion commands and a single action; i-sh-timeline-amend-checkin, which amends the checkin under point. Employ cl-flet in i-sh-divert-timeline-buffer-prepare and implement demarcated timeline entries. Fetch 1000 checkin hashes (rather than 100) in i-sh-checkin-ids. Add a call to display-buffer in i-sh-shortcut-system-shell-command (for the benefit of callers from other buffers). check-in: 023feceb42 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Add shell shortcut ‘amend’. Add user-customisable variable i-sh-amend-message-file-name. Rename faces i-f-commit-buffer-comment i-f-message-buffer-comment & i-f-commit-buffer-comment-highlight i-f-message-buffer-comment-highlight. Move section ‘Commit mode’ to a more suitable location lower in the file. Add section ‘Message buffer utils’ with utilities shared by commit and amend functions. These include three new specials; i-sh-message-font-lock-keywords, i-sh-message-file-name & i-sh-message-end-marker and three new functions; i-sh-message-clear-message, i-sh-message-save-message, i-sh-message-buffer-preprepare & i-sh-message-buffer-finalise. Add section ‘Amend mode’ analogous to section ’Commit mode’ which includes new special i-sh-smend-checkin and new functions i-sh-amend-mode, i-sh-amend-diff (stub), i-sh-amend-save-message & i-sh-amend-do. Add function i-sh-amend-buffer-prepare (analogous to i-sh-commit-buffer-prepare) and employ the new shared message buffer utils in function i-sh-commit-buffer-prepare. Add function i-sh-checkin-ids, providing an abbreviated checkin hash completion list. Arrange shortcut definitions alphabetically. Ignore ifi-amend-message.txt. check-in: 190a4bec46 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Improve description of Rogue Point bug. Divide i-c-mode-map into commented sections. Add an additional argument to i-c-shell-do & i-c-shell-shortcut and rationalise each. Reimplement i-c-system-shell-command. Add special variable i-sh-fossil-or-sqlite-prompt-regexp. Correctly employ i-sh-do in i-sh-commit-do, i-sh-commit-diff & i-sh-divert-revert-buffer-function. Rename i-sh-shortcut-dispatch i-sh-dispatch-shortcut and handle a string shortcut argument. Employ i-sh-fossil-or-sqlite-prompt-regexp in i-sh-handle-shortcut-char. Discard the ‘shortcut’ in i-sh-shortcut-commit-file-predicate & i-sh-shortcut-commit-buffer-prepare, reserving the i-sh-shortcut prefix for actual shortcut functions. check-in: 3707f37f0b user: sebyte tags: ifi
Identify ‘Rogue Point’ bug in commentary. Rename i-c-ensure-point-inhabits-stanza i-c-point-within-checkout, i-c-goto-headline i-c-point-at-headline-any and i-c-restore-point i-c-point-restored. Return a position without moving point in all three, forcing explicit point movement in all callers. Discard two unnecessary save-excursion forms. Change the argument list of i-l-sync-window-points (no longer accept the postion argument) and return the value of point to aid debugging. Despite all this, Rogue Point persists. Also, rename all occurences of local variable stanza-end next-headline and add function i-c-refresh-changes-differ (employed within i-c-update-stanza). check-in: d26eebb5bc user: sebyte tags: ifi
Now that the commit message end marker is protected by a fence, i-sh-commit-save-message need no longer save the region up to the marker, plus one char. The region up to the marker now already includes a trailing newline, i.e. the fence. Also forget the existing marker after erasing the buffer (before adding a new one). check-in: 78ae7439ef user: sebyte tags: ifi
Merge branch ifi and eliminate the only regular set of merge conflicts by replacing 'root-directory' (used on branch ifi-notify until now) with 'canonical-directory' (used on branch ifi). Leaf check-in: cb07aac592 user: sebyte tags: ifi-notify
Fortify i-sh-shortcut-commit-buffer-prepare by protecting the message end marker with a fence, i.e. a leading, read-only newline. Also, signal a user error when a previously populated *Fossil commit* buffer is visiting a message file under a different checkout. Finally, only rewrite buffer contents when necessary and offer to save a modified message before a rewrite. With these fortifications in place, safely alter i-sh-commit-do and call i-sh-get-buffer-create (rather than i-sh-get-buffer). check-in: 92d1f8312d user: sebyte tags: ifi
Correct an oversight from the previous commit, i.e. replace calls to i-c-sync-window-points with calls to i-l-sync-window-points. check-in: 20b8c27190 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Reintroduce key binding ‘c’ to i-c-commit and add binding ‘b’ to i-c-commit-branch. Avoid repetition by employing i-c-update-stanza within i-c-after-save-update-checkouts-buffer & i-c-after-delete-update-checkouts-buffer. Add docstring to i-c-goto-headline. Incorporate i-c-goto-change within i-c-restore-point and discard. Rename i-c-ckout-sync-window-points to i-l-sync-window-points. Rename i-c-stanza-region-markers i-c-stanza-headline-markers. Add call to i-l-sync-window-points to i-c-update-buffer & i-c-update-stanza. Rename local variables region, beg & end with better in i-c-update-stanza. Discard unemployed function i-c-display-shell-buffer. Adapt i-c-shell-do & i-c-shell-shortcut to altered i-sh-do & i-sh-shortcut-dispatch. Remove the ‘all’ in shortcuts ‘all-diverts-{on|off}’ and add shortcuts all-pull, commit-file & commit-file-branch. Add special variable i-sh-fossil-prompt-regexp. Replace cl-assert form in i-sh-do with with-current-buffer form and return the buffer (rather than popping to it). Do a similar thing to i-sh-shortcut-dispatch. Employ i-sh-fossil-prompt-regexp in i-sh-output-monitor and arrange to display the shell buffer when output would be diverted but the divert feature is off. Add branch creation functionality to i-sh-[shortcut-]commit-* functions. Prevent i-sh-shortcut-clear from working in a busy shell. Add shortcut i-sh-shortcut-all-pull. check-in: 23f8aaf7b9 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Fix a few compilation issues revealed by running ‘make clean && make’. check-in: 80cfec7543 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Align file commentary with the conventions outlined here: https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/elisp/Library-Headers.html check-in: 77f3ed579b user: sebyte tags: ifi
Alter i-c-checkouts. Switch to an existing *Fossil checkouts* buffer without updating it. Add a docstring to i-l-wrap-line. check-in: 67f592c482 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Overhaul the making of commits within shell buffers and the checkouts buffer. Change special variable i-c-commit-message-file-name to user customisable variable i-sh-commit-message-file-name. Remove key ‘c’ from i-c-mode-map and discard its function binding i-c-commit. Rename i-c-commit-buffer-prepare i-sh-shortcut-commit-buffer-prepare and overhaul. Rename i-c-commit-do i-sh-commit-do and overhaul. Add new faces i-f-commit-buffer-comment & i-f-commit-buffer-comment-highlight. Add three new special variables i-sh-commit-message-end-marker, i-sh-commit-files & i-sh-commit-font-lock-keywords. Add new mode i-sh-commit-mode with four key bindings; i-sh-commit-do, i-sh-commit-diff, i-sh-commit-clear-message & i-sh-commit-save-message. Add function definitions for the last three bindings. Add shortcut utility functions i-sh-shortcut-commit-file-predicate & i-sh-shortcut-commit-buffer-prepare. Move and overhaul shortcut function i-sh-shortcut-commit. Also, add new function i-st-get-state and employ within i-st and i-sh-get-buffer. Add cl-assert form to i-sh-do. Correctly suppress a demarcated prompt in newly spawned shells in i-sh-output monitor. Discard unused i-sh-checkout-mode. Add docstring to i-sh-help-mode. check-in: d6a4f43cc6 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Add user-customisable variable ifi-global-prefix-key (bound to ‘C-x M-f’). Rename function ifi-shell ifi-shell-shell. Add keymap ifi-global-keymap containing key bindings for i-sh-shell & i-c-checkouts. Bind ifi-global-prefix-key to ifi-global-keymap in Emacs’ global-map. check-in: 34c52808c7 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Overhaul i-sh-output and i-sh-output-monitor (again). Match the shell prompt in the ‘chunk’ arg (rather than moving point in the shell buffer and looking ahead). Employ new function i-sh-command-actions which returns the names of the diverter and/or the updater for a given command and dispatch both accordingly. Add a test function (evaluated at compile time) which ensures the values returned by i-sh-command-actions meet expectations. Add two new regexps i-sh-update-all-headline-rx matching ‘all pull|push|sync’ & i-sh-all-changes-rx matching ‘all clean’. No longer match these in i-sh-update-all-both-rx and update i-sh-update-rx-group. Fix ‘checkout’ and ‘commit .* --branch’ regexps in i-sh-update-one-both-rx. Add a new diverter; ‘divert-checkout’. Fix i-sh-divert-help-rx. Add new regexp i-sh-divert-checkout-rx. Update i-sh-divert-rx-group. Add function i-sh-divert-checkout. Rename function i-sh-divert-buffer-prepare i-sh-divert-output-buffer-prepare. Rename i-sh-divert-wrapped-buffer-prepare i-sh-divert-timeline-buffer-prepare. Add function i-sh-divert-file-list-buffer-prepare. Dispense with unnecessary ‘mode’ args where possible. Add new shortcut ‘status’ defined in new function i-sh-shortcut-status. Improve commentary in section ‘Output monitor regexps’. check-in: d3e3cfe9ca user: sebyte tags: ifi
Discard function i-l-pop-to-buffer since it serves no useful purpose. In fact, it was causing the shell window to duplicate itself here and there. Tweak i-c-commit. Add a call to comint-delete-input in i-sh-do. Simplify i-sh-ouptut and improve commentary. Remove excess commentary in i-sh-output-monitor. check-in: 20634fb206 user: sebyte tags: ifi
Overhaul the implmentation of ifi-shell-output-monitor. Functionaly, there should be little or no change in behaviour expect perhaps for one thing; the ‘divert set’ and the ‘update set’ of commands are now treated as mutually exclusive, which they currently are. We will address this shortcoming when we introduce the 'checkout' command to both sets. check-in: 5d3ca8d08e user: sebyte tags: ifi