KiSS is for Shell Sscripts

          Fossil SCM   GNU Bash   POSIX

KiSS is a single Fossil repository hosting multiple shell scripts.

Repository structure

Project separation is achieved by organising the repository into project trees, each with their own trunk1, e.g. mash, and release or development branches prefixed with the name of the trunk to which they are attached, e.g. mash-hack. The Fossil default branch trunk is used for miscellaneous files shared between projects, e.g. images, licenses and tools, plus the Markdown source for this page.

  1. A branch beginning with an orphaned checkin/commit. Having no ultimate parent, a trunk cannot easily be merged with any other branch.


Trunk     Name/description     Release     Other documentation formats
mash 🕟     Use mash like make, but for everyday scripting     mash-0.1.0     HTML   PDF   Info   Text

Anonymous quick start (*nix)

$ mkdir --parents kiss/trunk
$ cd kiss
$ fossil clone kiss.fossil
$ cd trunk
$ fossil open ../kiss.fossil
$ tool/  # checkout each project under ../<project-trunk>/
$ cd .. && ls
kiss.fossil  mash  trunk